SQUIRREL-EATING MAGGOTS a genre bending documentary

check it out here:

we’d like to share a little insight into what’s happening right here right now in our very own home, on our very own doorstep.  Check out the latest a genre bending  supernatural reality based short film documentary by our pops, Lloyd Kaufman and the people at Troma, to teach you a lesson of the perils of NYC RAT TRAPS.

SQUIRREL EATING MAGGOTS Its a gory thriller:   Three Sisters leave home for summer vacation.   NYC Squirrel eats nieghbors’ Rat Poison.  NYC Squirrel dies next to Three Sisters’ doorstep.  Dead NYC Squirrel festers.  Maggots delight in dead rotting festering carcass.  Maggots eat dead rotting festering Carcass.   FINAL PRODUCT?  A NEW FUR COAT FOR PARIS HILTON!!

Lesson to be learned: innocent squirrels and small children are the ones being hurt by these traps.  The Rats are too smart.

ps Troma in Negotiations with Maggots for sequel:  MAGGOTS EAT ELEPHANT. but Maggots have since unionized and become too expensive.


3 thoughts on “SQUIRREL-EATING MAGGOTS a genre bending documentary

  1. Yes, this is a classic life lesson from the old man. We have heard many parables told by the pops that begin “every year thousands of children…” and finishing with some disastrous ending like “get their shoe laces caught in the escalators and get ground up like hamburger meat– SO TIE YOUR SHOELACES!”

    In this case just substitute “squirrel” for “children,” “eat rat poison” for “shoe laces caught in escalators,” and “eaten by maggots” for “ground up.” Lesson learned. SO DON’T PUT OUT RAT POISON!

  2. We had PET RAT. The easter bunny brought him to us in our basket one easter morning. It was the first love, the most important pet of our life. We might even venture to say the love of our life. His name was Joy Face. RIP JOY FACE

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