Help Write Troma History, and win $500 and Dinner with Lloyd and his three daughters!

Lloyd’s daughters are writing a Tromemoir about growing up Toxic in the Troma household.   Without fans there would be no Troma, and without Troma, Lloyd’s daughters would not have had their uniquely Tromatic upbringing.   Help write Troma History by submitting your wittiest Title and illustrations for this Tromemoir Contest.

Prizes include:

  • $500
  • Dinner with Lloyd and his daughters
  • Selected art and title will be published in the book
  • Hand of Lloyd’s youngest, and most beautiful, daughter

Send your submissions INCLUDING CONTACT INFORMATION, AGE and NAME by APRIL 13th 2010 to:


Troma Entertainment, Inc.

ATTN Justin Martell

36-40 11th Street

Long Island City, NY



Leave your Title submissions in a comment to this blog!



NAME THIS BOOK: It’s a typical love story: cult film maker with a preference for shock +big boobs and a mutual love-hate relationship with Hollywood, meets southern belle debutante whose elegance, intelligence, manners and all-over perfection is unreal.  In a balancing act worthy of a five-ring circus, the yin and yang pair raise three daughters according to a strict value system of manners, morals and education while all the while striving to produce “art” through vomit and fake blood.  Yes, it’s just another feel good fantastical reality zombie romance historical novel featuring Lloyd Kaufman, his beautiful wife, three daughters and The Toxic Avenger.


Submit your illustrations and artistic interpretation of the any or all of the following six scenes:

1.       Beautiful blond blue-eyed Lloyd as a baby kidnapped by zombies, and replaced with ugly big nosed bearded baby of the Lloyd we know today.

2.       Lloyd rejects Hollywood and founds Independent Film Studio Troma, the Birth of The Toxic Avenger

3.       Lloyd falls in love with and marries beautiful southern belle

4.       Troma vs. Hollywood Evil Satan Worshipping Conglomerate

5.       Lloyd’s Three Daughters write Tromemoir NYT Best Seller

6.        Lloyd Wins Oscars, Thanks to Fans


25 thoughts on “TROMEMOIR $500 COMPETITION

  1. Thank you!!– I have a question and a comment. May we leave multiple titles, or is it one to a customer to be fair? — COMMENT…. I sat close to Lloyd’s daughter during the first test screening of POULTRYGEIST in NYU… she came in RIGHT AFTER SHE GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL!! – instead of partying and celebrating her success …she came to hang with fans at the screening… THAT is dedication to Tromatic art!

    • Wow! How close did she sit? I hope she didn’t smell.

      Send as many titles as you like, we’ll start posting our favorites and get fans to vote, so get your friends ready to cast their vote for your genius.

      • Little did you know Mr. Orden, my father paid me (in marshmallow peeps) to attend that screening. You should not read it as dedication to art, but rather Troma’s long standing dedication to child labor.

      • Oh…well then YO! –you GOTTA give “PROPS” to my ‘PEEPS” —Will PEEPS replace the cheese sammiches that will be on the crap services table during TOXIE 5’s FILMING?? –okay… MORE TITLES… DIARY OF A TROMATIC KID , RATED EEECH!– OUR LIVES ON THE FIRST TAKE LIFE!-CAMERA! ACTION! and taking a cue from your Dad… MAKE OUR OWN DAMN MEMOIR!

  2. Hi! –there was one other person between us, and she was rather pleasant to talk to…. probably from the natural high from graduation ….. okay… I have another title…but it seems more like a tagline though ….. how about ‘TROMA’S WHERE THE HEART IS”

    “You & Me and TROMA Make Three”
    “Long Live King Lloyd! (and his three toxic kids)”
    “Daddy Toxic and his three hot daughters”

    ok thats it.

    • Thanks for the abundance of suggestions. I especially like “Yo Baby Troma” , is that meant to be like “yo baby’s mama”?
      Because, as we all know, at the end of the day Troma is such a caring maternal figure.

    • God, Mr. Orden you are just one creative machine! Perhaps you knew already, but the Kaufman family’s preferred mode of communication is puns. This title is right up our alley.

  4. This title is based on personal experience growing up as a Troma fan, and also the assumption that at least one of Lloyd’s brood is a lesbian.

    “If you watch The Toxic Avenger with me you can be my girlfriend”

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