THE TROMEMOIR (What We’re Doing Here)

We grew up in a family of six:  Mom, Dad, three sisters and the Toxic Avenger, a radioactive creature of superhuman size and strength.    Our dad, Lloyd Kaufman, is the founding president of Troma Entertainment, the cult film ultra-low budget movie studio, and the creator of The Toxic Avenger.    Growing up, zombies, movie sets, interviews, articles were all part of our typical day to day.   This is our Tromemoir.

This is a typical coming of age story: cult film maker specializing in shock, big boobs, and a love-hate relationship with Hollywood, meets beautiful intelligent southern belle debutante.  Cult Film maker and Intelligent Southern Belle raise three daughters according to a strict value system of manners, morals and education all the while striving to produce “art” through vomit and fake blood.  Yes, it’s just another feel good fantastical reality zombie romance historical novel.

Our story will speak to those of us who have grappled with the decision between taking a risk to follow our passions or playing it safe in a career we have been conditioned to pursue.

The toxic avenger is our dad’s story of a 98 lb weakling nerd who after being thrown into a vat of toxic waste by bullies turns into a superhero and is accepted as the hero of the very same community that once shunned him, stole his lunch money and beat him to a pulp in the locker room.    This book is our dad’s vat of toxic waste.   We are throwing him in and he will emerge the superhero of the Hollywood community of blood sucking academy zombies that once stole his lunch money and shunned his art.  Ultimately, the final acceptance will be his – an Oscar, or, even more likely, the Nobel Prize.

Without fans there would be no Troma, and without Troma there would be no Tromemoir.   We would love to hear your comments and feedback.  We’ll be using this blog to bounce ideas off of you.  From time to time we’ll post bits we are thinking about including in the book, and we’d like to know what you think!

We’d also love to hear your favorite Troma memory,  we may even use it.   You can post it here as a comment, or email it to us at

It would be awesome to have as much feedback and participation from the genuine certified Troma / Lloyd / Toxie fans into the book to make it a true Tromemoir.


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