Response to a Few Questions

I would like to use this post to respond to a few questions posed by the lovely Bill Van Orden:

1.  “Did your Mom and Dad make sure that when you were DATING anyone, that your dates were interested in YOU all as individuals, and not just THE DAUGHTERS du TROMA?”

Fortunately, i don’t think any of us have ever run into a situation where our beloveds have appeared to be more interested in our hunky green brother than our blossoming minds.

In terms of Papa Lloyd’s wisdom apropos of  dating in general, perhaps this little tidbit will sum up Papa Lloyd’s wisdom:  The summer after 6th grade when I was away at  dance camp I received a postcard from my father with the following poignant and to the point message:  “remember , those boys want only one thing… and its not your tap dancing”.  keep in mind I was only ten and any boy attending this camp probably played for the team which considers sparkly shoes and jazz fingers the cat’s meow or the pot of gold at the end of a very flamboyant rainbow.

2.  “Will we see films directed by any of YOU in the future?”

While the following clip does not qualify as a film, it was created be a toxic apple.  Its a relationship portrait completed  for a film class at my university.  Oh, what a dream it would be to make it as a filmaker in this dog eat dog world…


4 thoughts on “Response to a Few Questions

  1. Ms. Charlotte thinks I’m ‘LOVELY” ….Third eye and ALL! — Thank you!–AND THANK YOU for posting so QUICKLY!– As for the above slice of YouTubery…Of COURSE Lloyd didn’t want to pay the bills… he was looking through the paper to find a MUSTANG for Pat.

    • HAHA, no it was definitely Not shot on a red camera, although I am flattered by your question. Would I be the daughter of Lloyd Kaufman if I was using the most advanced and cutting edge technology? probably not.

  2. Charlotte’s response to Mr Van Orden shows that clearly her father is a loving and very sensitive and subtle father.She is soooo lucky…and he is quite a hunk in that bath-robe.

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