Bryan Land, this post’s for you…

The Toxic Trio Responds to a question from another Tromatic Fan Favorite BRYAN LAND
Question from Bryan Land;

Good morning, Toxic Trifecta:

Will the torchof Troma be handed to a new generation? Will it continue as a family enterprise?


Bryan Land

Good question Bryan—while Troma will always be synonymous with Papa Lloydie, his three Toxic Tots do hope to help keep the flame alive!  We want to help our old man keep spreading the word about Troma, and keep MAKING ART!

This book is one effort to do so.  We hope that by telling our Tromatic story, and getting Troma fans and artistes involved we can spread the word of Troma, spewing out to larger audiences—Sgt. Kabukiman projectile vomit style.

We hope to use our various backgrounds and abilities to keep Troma going and expand the ways in which Troma can make films and help other independent film makers follow their(wet) dreams.

We also need pops to pay for things like good ole education, and let me tell you, Troma films ain’t gonna pay the bills, so we got to go out and get ourselves a job.    following in the footsteps of pops, we want to follow our passions, do what we love, we all share a passion for creativity, a commitment to Troma, and of course a love for our DAD!  Writing this book is pretty much our dream job.


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