One last submission

ERIC SHANSBY, cartoonist for the Washington Post, made this cartoon for the Tromemoir!!

Eric is the brother we never had– he knows Tom Lehrer, he wears bow ties, he tells vaudeville jokes and is a punmaster, he’s even a cartoonist at the Washington Post.   He was working on this for the last 72 hours straight.


7 thoughts on “One last submission

  1. wait, so this guy gets an extedned deadline and the rest of us don’t? he gets in it yesterday and everyone else had till the 30th? tisk tisk

  2. First of all, how can you guys accept a last minute submission when the deadline was last week??? It is unfair to all of the other contestants and very unprofessional and unbelievably disappointing…

    Secondly, how is one even supposed to vote? It is the 5th people and there is no place to cast votes..What’s up with that??


  3. Casting my vote for Dan Scheckler! His very creative ” Hollywood” far surpasses any other entry that I have viewed! An amazing talent, and I wish him the very best.

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