Citizens of Tromaville!  It is time to cast your vote for the winner of the TROMEMOIR ILLUSTRATION COMPETITION Please check out LLOYD’S PICKS below, and then vote for YOUR favorite illustration in the poll at the bottom of the page.

You can also see a close up of individual illustrations on our TROMA FANS’ ART SUBMISSIONS page, where we have posted each illustration for you for your careful voting scrutiny.

Please bear with us, my little sissies and I are poor students (and in the middle of finals none the less, so while we aren’t working from our parent’s garage, we are working from various libraries and study rooms around campus).  If you thought Troma was low budget, you should see the Tromemoir budget — it’s on the meager pocket allowance Pops gives us.  We have been creative, and this is the best format we have come up with SO FAR! to host these types of TROMA ELECTIONS, so let’s see if it works! We’d love to hear from tech savvy fans with suggestions on how we can improve our technology (AND ON THE CHEAP!)


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  2. i want everyone to know i busted my ass doing PR and allerting people weeks before the contest. calling people, emailing people, meeting people at my job. looks like hard work is always in vain to the people that learn to beat the system by revoting for their second rate art. to the artist who didnt work as hard as i did, shame on you. to the people that were honest, kudos

  3. There are a few great submissions and I would like to see a deserving one win. Its 2010, while there is still a nostalgia for traditional media (oils, paints, well crafted illustrations,etc) I would like to see one that wasn’t done during a high school study period with markers win. And for some reason as of now those are the two in the lead

  4. I agree with all of the above statements. Yes, have an election, however please make sure that it’s fair. Two submissions in particular (by the same artist) are being voted for in a way that is completely inconsistent with the quality, effort and relationship to Troma’s identity and ethos… Although Dan’s art isn’t my cup of tea, I’d much prefer someone who’s put in the effort to win than someone who’s cheated the system.

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