Congratulations Artists of Tromaville!

Congratulations to DAN SHECKLER whose Tromasterpiece TROMA IS BORN won 26.7% of the ballot with 559 votes.  Honorable mention to MITCH DOLAN, whose TROMA VS EVIL came in a close second winning 24.9%  with 521 votes.

We want to thank ALL OF THE ARTISTS for creating and contributing such amazing work!  We are truly impressed by your incredible talent.  We are touched by your dedication to Troma and telling Troma’s story!  We always knew Troma fans were talented.. .this is proof!

Huge thanks to everyone who voted and spread the word about this contest!!  We are so excited by your enthusiasm and interest in the our project!  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!

We also want to apologize for any confusion around voting in the contest.  As you know we’re on a shoe-string, pocket-money, poor student, starving artiste, melon-head crushing, budget.   So our tech is on the lower end of low.   If you have suggestions on better (and cheap) methods for polling please please let us know!

Stay tuned for info on the prizes and publication, along word on the next Tromemoir contest!!!

Lloydie’s Mutant Children ❤ All of You!


2 thoughts on “Congratulations Artists of Tromaville!

  1. CONGRatS to dan and mitch!! both are awesome in their own way which is cool how they both are top picks. one is a simple cartoon with a powerful message and another is a deep and artistic sketch showing us what troma is all about!

  2. Thanks for the chance to display my design- lots of interesting submissions. Good luck with the finished book!

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