TroMOBILE- Coming soon to Comic-Con

Incredible art from genius Dennis Woodruff.    What we wouldn’t give for a joy ride in THIS:

We asked Dennis how he created this amazing vehicle, this is what he said:

I, Dennis Woodruff, was inspired to create my most challenging art kar yet, The Troma Mobile, by a dream I had. I was walking through the forest and all of a sudden I was surrounded by beautiful, scantily clad, wood nymphs and they were chanting “we need a new, car, we need a new car”. I had visions of gorgeous girls dancing around a fire in the woods and I was thinking, “how do I get that on my car” when all of a sudden Lloyd Kaufman and Toxie appeared right in front of me. Lloyd and Toxie both had glazed looks on their faces and they were whispering in unison, “make me a Troma mobile, make me a Troma mobile”. I was scared but Lloyd handed me $100 and I when I woke up I worked feverishly on the car for 93 hours until I collapsed. The rest as they say is history. I’m Dennis Woodruff and I hope to see you all at Comi-Con 2010. P.S. be looking for all the Dennis Woodruff titles being released by Troma.

Congrats to Dennis and his tromerific Chow-Chow doggie!

28 thoughts on “TroMOBILE- Coming soon to Comic-Con

    • No, it’s not a hybrid. It’s a low-budget Troma-mobile. Believe it or not, the car originally cost $8,000. If you want to buy me one, I’ll convert it. Please be a loyal fan and check out my movies on I appreciate your interest in the Troma-mobile, and to let you know, I do believe in hybrids, and in the future, as I prosper, I promise you with all my heart, my word, that I will be buying a hybrid to decorate to help save the environment. I’m a good guy like you, and I understand your concern. I think we do have too many cars on the planet, but not enough art cars. Being an artist, I decided to build this car in honor of Mr. Kaufman, the icon of cinema, and to also get the word out that I have movies that are worthy of your attention. Thank you sincerely for your comment. Check out and and Google my name. P.S. Best wishes to you in all your endeavors. May you reach the stars with your dreams and continue trying, as I will too. There are no successful people in this world that don’t work hard. You have the world. Enjoy their creativity. My message to all people worldwide is BE CREATIVE!!!! With your life too. And stay positive. DW

  1. Hi everybody. My name is Dennis Woodruff. I’ve worked really hard to make 35 movies, a few of those I’ve made with other people. I build my own websites. If you Google my name, Dennis Woodruff, you’ll see all my stuff. My website is I’ve been lucky enough to have the great fortune of hooking up with Troma the last year and a half. Lloyd Kaufman is a genius, and his company believes in me and took me and my films under their wing to sell worldwide. I will be at the Comic-Con this year with Lloyd and all of his tribe. I look forward to meeting all of you. May we all inspire each other with our creativity. I am currently posted on New Releases. More will be added soon. Check out Spaceman 2, Mr. Hollywood 3, Obsession Letters to David Lynch, and please for all of you skateboarders, I have a new movie called Vortex. You can see a trailer on However, Troma will be handling ALL my world distribution of my great movies from now on. I want to thank Mr. Kaufman and Matt and everyone else for my Oscar for Hardest Working Film Actor, Director, Producer in Hollywood. You may want to know also that I’ve got a ton of stuff on YouTube for you to enjoy. If you just type in my name, Dennis Woodruff, and search videos, you’ll see all my stuff. I will continue to make great movies for the world. Thank you all. Please support my films. Dennis Woodruff, the King of Hollywood. And Tuffy the Dog.

  2. To the person running the blog, thank you for showing me and telling my stories about the Troma-mobile. I have just finished some major art pieces about Mr. Kaufman (In Troma We Trust, Icon of Cinema, etc.), five pieces total, which I mailed last week to Lloyd. Feel free to check them out and ask Justin to show you the package. If you like them, and they meet Mr. Kaufman’s approval, please feel free to post more of my art for the world to see on your website. I believe with all my heart that Troma films, including mine, should be seen in every store around the world. Let’s all work together to make it happen. Hope to see you guys, all of you, at Comic-Con. Sincerely, Dennis Woodruff and Tuffy the Dog. P.S. In life, don’t lose your sense of humor because that will see you through all the hard times and make your life more rich. And smile too. See you soon.

  3. If anyone would like to personally contact me, my email address is I look forward to your comments and whatever you want to say about my work. Sincerely, Dennis Woodruff P.S. I would also like to give credit to Keith Kurlander, my business partner, who is also a creative genius, who helps me with all my movies. We are a team. He also created the music, editing, etc. He’s a director too and a really fine human being. I would say if it wasn’t for Keith, I probably wouldn’t have any movies ’cause he’s the one who puts them all together, so check out Keith Kurlander too. We’re a team. It’s a team effort. God bless you all, and may your dreams come true, as mine are in the process.

  4. Check out Dennis Woodruff in Los Angeles Magazine new press, go to or, features the outsiders page 122. See me on page 126. Famous search of world famous angelinos. full page story about me and my quest for success in hollywood land.

  5. Attention Lloyd Kaufman icon of the silver screen. Do you think that my dream could come true to be a lead character of your choosing in your next troma film? I would be honored and work hard to be your best actor in your next film, it would be a big break for me. Please let me know if i have a chance, sincerely Dennis Woodruff.

  6. Attention Troma fans, from Dennis! I will be at comicon this year you already know with the Troma-mobil and TuffyII my dog filming my new documentary in search of Comicon, i will be giving Mr. Kaufman a mini Oscar award for his life time achievement of his fantastic films that he’s made over the years, and his contribution to the world in cinema. Message from Dennis Woodruff. So get ready for your close up Troma fans!

  7. Dennis im a big fun of your movies i just sow you in Los Angeles magazine page 120 about you and your movies. I looked on i only saw 3 of your movies? will more be added? I read an article it stayed you made about 33 movies how could i get those were there be a box set? that would be easy for me to get them all the same time. I think you are a good actor from what i am seeing. Would you be appearing in Troma films soon as well?

    Your fans at USC film school

  8. Dear Fan,

    To answer your question I would love to be asked by Lloyd Kaufman to star or even co-star in his upcoming films. I cast Lloyd in Mr. Hollywood which is selling on

    To answer your other question I hope more of my movies will be posted soon I know they’re working as hard as they can and I would personally like to see all of my movies in the store soon and believe Troma is the right people to do it.

    Thank you for your comment. Keep checking I’m sure you’ll see more.

    Dennis Woodruff

    P.S. I just got a really nice write up, full page in Los Angeles Magazine which is on the news stands now. A lot of people don’t know that my grandfather built the Hollywood sign and Hollywoodland developer and co-owner of Mt. Lee. I’m still waiting for my inheritance. I hear the oil wells are pumping as we speak. I’ve made 33 films already with my own money. Check me out further and google my name.

    Bye for now

  9. Dennis and I go back a number of years. He’s a character in my multimedia rock musical , Saint Hollywood, and one of the audience’s favorites. I’ve appeared in a number of Dennis Woodruff productions, including Coffee With Dennis, Odd Balls,Obsession: Letters to David Lynch, and LA.
    I look forward to working him again soon. He’s a great visionary filmmaker, artist and a sublime study in obsession himself. Go to the site of Sainthollywood to see fotos of the Saints, Dennis’ portrait is among them. Also visit my blog.

  10. That has to be the craziest car I have ever seen… It definitely peaks my curiosity and makes me wonder why someone would do such a thing. It’s extremely interesting and there is absolutely no way it could possibly go unnoticed. Not sure how I would feel about riding around in it personally, however it is one car that cannot be ignored!!!
    I have never heard of tromo but I have now…


  11. I love the Tromomobile. I looked at your website and enjoyed your recent photos, trailers and ordered some of your three movies. Only the ones that were not on the Troma website. One thing to note is that downloading your movies on the website is problematic, maybe you can address these issue.
    Really enjoy your blog!!

  12. hi everyone how do you like the tromamobile i made??????I WORKED VERY HARD MAKING IT. when I drive it people take photos.PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS ABOUT THE TROMAMOBILE ON THIS BLOG. DCW

  13. Chris, could you please tell the fans that three of my movies are now available as new releases on The name of the movies they can search for are “Spaceman,” “Mr Hollywood,” and “Obsession, Letters to David Lynch.” I’m sure all of you reading this will enjoy my movies as well as the other ones, but check me out and get my movies. My movies are different from anything you’ve ever seen, and from everything I’ve heard, that people really like them. I’ve already sold before I met Lloyd, a hundred thousand copies of my movies all over LA. Please let me hear from you on this blog. Chris, please post this comment as you have the other ones to inform people about my movies. Thank you very much, Dennis Woodruff.

    PS I’m reaching for the top.

  14. Did you know that the new trailer for Spaceman which is being sold by in new releases as well as others of mine can now be viewed (the new trailer that is) for your enjoyment on And then type in Spaceman New Trailer. You’ll find it. Also, look for the Spaceman at the troma display table at comicon. I look forward to meeting all of you and be ready for your close-up. We’ll be filming it.
    Spaceman returns 2 is the new sequel to Spaceman. In the movie the Spaceman steals the Tromamobile and ends up in search of the leader of earth Llyod Kaufman. He ends up at comicon in search of Earth Leader Lloyd. I’m not going to tell you the rest of the story, but its going to be hilarious. So check out the trailer on youtube and download the movie on

  15. It’s a unique looking car. It suites the movie spaceman really well. One time I saw a UFO out in the desert with my friends and I really believe in it. And seeing the movie it made me realize I am not the only person who has had an encounter with an UFO. The alien in the movie looks real that I saw that night. I wonder if other people out there have seen aliens out there. Please let me know on this blog.

    Augustine – True believer.

  16. Dennis woodruff is the most famous actor in Hollywood! His movies are excelent. Keith kurlander and Dennis are geniuses! I love his movies . Could u please request that his movies ve put on troma

    Carlos Herrera

  17. hi friends……after seeing new trailer for spaceman on you tube google my name dennis woodruff .I have plenty of stuff to see.Troma .com will be adding more of our movies soon …….thank you for your support …….check out my surfing movie and my new skate movie trailer on

    I’ve been a big fan of Dennis’ movies for years. My question for Lloyd Kaufman, “Will you be casting Dennis in your upcoming films? He seems like a really good looking actor and world famous. I would like to see Dennis in all your films. His kooky characters could play well in your cleverly written scripts. I’m sure you could write a part for him with all of his experience he could even be a lead. I enjoyed watching you in ‘Mr. Hollywood.’ It could be expanded as well. Lloyd, if you’re not in outer space with space man, please consider the possibilities with Dennis. I’m not just saying this to make him feel good. I think he deserves to be put in the spotlight with his acting ability where he belongs. Best of luck to all of you at Comocon.” Your avid fan for space exploration and movie inspiration.
    Manny Santos

  19. Hey Troma Fans:

    Dennis Woodruff is featured in “Automorphosis” which will be playing in LA at the Downtown Independent Theatre, The Laemmle’s Santa Monica Theater, and at the Petersen Automotive Museum. He will be at some of the screenings with his Art Car. Check schedule at

    I’ll be at ALL screenings with the Camera Van!

    See you there! Harrod

  20. After a successful journey to comicon we were very tired. Keith and I (Dennis) made a little trailer documentary about our visit to comicon and our faithful Lloyd Kaufman is in the video. We hope you could see it as a possible sequel to spaceman 1 (a trailer).
    It’s on
    I’ll you all you troma fans when you work with a true master of film making Lloyd, you realize what a great talent he is. In fact all the family of troma and employees are super great people. I hope that all of our movies will be accepted by you even though they are a little different from the standard troma films. Sincerely best wishes to you all. Follow your passion.
    p.s. the path I’ve chosen is a very difficult one full of trials and tribulations and doubts but I keep trying to do better and better. I’m just one person on this planet. Maybe I won’t change the world but can make it a funner place. Please be sure to google my name Dennis Woodruff and tell your friends. Thank you to all. D.W. and tuffy the dog and Keith.

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