And We’re BACK!

Summer vacation can only last so long, even for us students of Life Love and the pursuit of Tromatic Independent Cinema.   So after a brief pause from our beloved Tromemoir, we are back in action and brimming with all the fake blood, spewing with spittle and busting out with all sorts of vile vomitous maggot eaten new matrial for you to chew on.   Now on with the show, in the NEW PRODUCTIONS CATEGORY:

CONGRATULATIONS TO GEOFF TARULLI,  he has Successfully completed raising financing for his film on our very own Lloyd Kaufman: MOVIES OF THE FUTURE WITH LLOYD KAUFMAN: A Movie About An Underground Film Icon.

Genius Geoff took advantage of one of our favorite New York City startups, Kickstarter to collect funding from over 83 sources for his film.   check it out Here!


3 thoughts on “Summer FUNding – MOVIES OF THE FUTURE GETS ITS $$$!

  1. Victory of the highest order! Maybe IFC will pick it up and play it alongside Lars Von Schmear’s latest. Anyways, it’s swell to see Kickstarter working.

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  3. Ten bucks says this turns out better than anything that starts with the words “Behind the Music” or “True Hollywood Story.” Would love to see this get national exposure on some tv outlet.

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