LLOYD QUESTIONS: Movies of the Near Future?

Bjarni Gautur Thomas asks LLOYD:

How much control with Troma have over the Toxic Avenger remake? Is there a shot we will be seeing other Troma characters in the remake? Or the Toxic Crusaders?

LLOYD: We have no control over the remake, but we have total control over Toxic Avenger Part V.  Sgt. Kabuki Man has a big part in it, and which ever characters you fans like best will also have a Cameo.  Troma is fan based operation.  Who do you want to see?

Note:  Hi this is Charlotte, dad has had to step out of the room, but while he is gone let me take a moment to step in here.  Since you asked about the key characters from the TOXIC CRUSADERS, you may recall our roles as “Lloyd’s Kids” in the cartoon series, so let me assure you that the TOXIC AVENGER V script will star the three of us.  If not for our award winning roles as the bearded beauties Lloyd’s Kids, then for the free labor of hiring his own daughters.


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