ROBERT at sinindustries writes in our first set of questions to Lloyd:

ROBERT:  How important is it to get Troma material on TV?

LLOYD KAUFMAN (POPS): If you want to have a profit from your movie and if you want to keep your 36 year movie studio alive you must get your movies on some form of TV.  TROMA, does not.  We unfortunately are not able to do so.    But hey, if you want to stay alive and make a profit you have to get on TV (and cable).

R:  Are there any independent-ish TV stations that would possibly show Troma films? Like obscure channels, maybe?

LK: There are no channels right now.  All of the channels that pay money are controlled by a small number of devil worshipping conglomerates that have black listed TROMA or the offers stink and would be beneath our dignity to accept them.

R: Where does the music come from for Troma films, and do you need more (this is a selfish question, admittedly)?

LK: Many times I hear wonderful songs coming out of my armpit, and I immediately write them down: check out Poultrygeist…  No, seriously the music usually comes from all over.  Sometimes from sources ranging from mainstream composers like Lemmy  (Motorhead) or Beethoven to people like you.  So keep an eye on my twitter for progress on Toxic Avenger Part V and calls for composers and music/score.

R: Is an Academy Award really worth anything nowadays?

LK: An academy award is worth millions of dollars, of course! And added revenue to any film or individual that gets one.

Now, It’s a little known fact that I have, indeed, received 17 academy awards, but unfortunately, between the spacemen intercepting and the academy confusing me and George Cloony (who anyone will agree looks just like me)  the award has been mixed up each time and given to the wrong artiste.


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