Philip Mazzullo writes: Lloyd! First of all, you’re obviously the best. Done pandering. My question: What would it take for an independent band like my own to get a music video done by our favorite independent film studio (that’s you guys)? Do we need to be incredibly famous and have gratuitous heaps of money? Also, what is Toxie like in person?

LK: Well Philip, being a superficial person, I ah, love rich musicians who give me money, or take me for luxury all expense paid weekends to vacations to Fire Island.  Barring that, keep an eye on my twitter and facebook for progress concerning Toxie V.

It’s hard for me to say, like Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Toxie is too busy to talk directly to me these days, like the rest of the teenybopers I have to read up in my daughters’ US Weekly, or Life & Style, where I catch glimpses of him buying toilet paper alongside Lindsay Lohan in the “stars are like US” pages. If you would really like to know more about what Toxie is like, check out Toxic Avenger the novel.


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