Charging Tromaville for an AUTOgraph

Auto Expert RICH PALMIERI writes:

Lloyd:  I live in Virginia Beach.  If I drive my car, a 1966 dodge Charger up to New York, will you autograph it for me?

Rich, Lloyds’ Kids here, also check out this video where dad gives our beautiful Southern Belle Mom a restored souped up 1969 Ford MUSTANG!


2 thoughts on “Charging Tromaville for an AUTOgraph

  1. Aww man you made my day! thanks dad of Toxie, like man I been wanting a auto graph from you for this car, its not the best painted up done up car yet I have done alot work to it, and knowing you do art man, is like my art I put in to my car to make it what it is. Sooo thanks soo much for your anwser im never going to sell the car, its going to be in my family.

  2. Oh ya looking forward in makeing maxican gas with you we can start own gas for tromaville , maxican gas! haha

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