Lloyd on Tattoos and Troma Sequels

Lloyd Responds to a question from the lovely BIANCA who wants to know what Troma sequels we can expect to see in the near future:


3 thoughts on “Lloyd on Tattoos and Troma Sequels

  1. Lloyd, speaking of Tattoos, I already have a Toxie tattoo. If you sign Rich’s Auto, can I get a tattoo of your autograph??

  2. Tatoo of Toxie !! Your ahead me , that what i been talking about getting to my friends a toxie tatoo , on my leg! Yeah autograph would be a like on paper and then copyed to your leg by the tatooest bec I dont know if Lloyd knows how to work a tatoo gun yet. but i see what you meam man that would be kool.

  3. I have a ? about movies Lloyd are you going to be doing anymore work with John Michael Mccarthy, Idk like superstarlet AD was a great movie the plot was kool and allthe art in it.Iis there going to be another movie job with super starlet AD with John Mcarthy? And I love your plan for the Toxie 5 You should being back Sugar face and his gang with the dude in the dress in the back alley? Thats classic art film!

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