Lloyd’s Top Tromemory: Roasted by Stan Lee at Comicon

Dad’s Recent trip to Comicon 2010, for the Troma Panel featuring James Gunn, Tromeo and Juliet, Super, Slither, Dawn of the Dead, The Specials, Scooby Doo Darren Lynn Bousman Repo!, Saw II,III,IV and of course the MOTHERS DAY remake, plus his beloved brother Uncle Charles who wrote the script for the orriginal Mothers’ Day reminded us of one of our Favorite  Tromemories:

Legendary creator of Spider Man,  the creative genius superhero comic creating wise Uncle most kids only marvel over, we were blessed by the gods of comics to have, OUR REAL LIFE SUPERHERO STAN LEE, roasted Pops at Comicon 2009.    (low-budget Troma style video below)


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