WHAT is Astron-6?

We’ve been swamped with questions about Fathers Day and Astron-6 What is this Astron-6 group I keep reading about on all the blogs? Many of you have emailed in to ask us.


July 30, 2010 (New York, NY) – Troma Entertainment will be producing the upcoming film FATHER’S DAY from powerhouse Astron-6! FATHER’S DAY is scheduled for release in June 2012. FEARnet calls a clip of FATHER’S DAY “indescribable…utterly depraved!” and says that the film “looks absolutely fantastic!”

FATHER’S DAY should prove an excellent complement to Charles Kaufman’s classic film MOTHER’S DAY, distributed by Troma. MOTHER’S DAY was recently remade by Darren Lynn Bousman, Brett Ratner and Richard Saperstein and it is most likely that this will also happen to FATHER’S DAY.


One thought on “WHAT is Astron-6?

  1. For those of you inquiring about Astron-6, http://www.astron6.com has everything you need to know and more!
    Five Canadian filmmakers who can’t shake the nostalgia for strange VHS Cassette tapes in the back of old video stores.
    Father’s Day will have everything you’ve come to expect from Astron-6 and Troma including head crushing, and nudity!

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