What is Flash Fiction?  Flash Fiction means many things to many Tromasapians, but for the purpose of Tromemoir, we’re calling it an engaging piece of short writing, 250-550 words, composed in 48 hours or less by a talented Troma Fan, telling a tale in which THREE TROMA CHARACTERS AND  LLOYD KAUFMAN TRIUMPH over EVIL.

What evil you ask? How will this work? Which Troma Characters??

On Friday August 13th we’ll release a prompt here on the Tromemoir. Expect something like a first sentence,  or we’ll set up a scene, maybe a  couple Troma characters run into some evil Satan worshiping  net neutrality killing democracy crushing hollywood executives in a dark alley, you throw in some Tromatic elements like head crushings, vomit, big brained women, etc…  to get you started on your flash fiction masterpiece.

You’ll have until Sunday at midnight to create and complete  your flash fiction, and send your piece to us at

Winners will be selected by LLOYD KAUFMAN and posted here!



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