A recent New York Times cover story reported Verizon and Google are nearing a deal which could threaten Net Neutrality and impede freedom of the internet as we know it.

Dad is always ranting about net neutrality, and he has been for a couple years.  You’ve probably seen his Net Neutrality PSA (click here) But WHAT IS NET NEUTRALITY?? We realized we don’t really understand.  So we cornered dad at his office and asked him to break down what Net Neutrality means, and why it is so important to you, me and anyone who uses the internet.

Michael Herz joined the discussion and added the important point that Net Neutrality levels the playing field beyond access alone, also guaranteeing the speed at which websites operate.  Without Net Neutrality some websites will run faster and with higher quality than others.



  1. It could be even worse than Uncle Lloydie says- if Comcast, Google, Verizon, etc. get control of the internet (which they are trying to do right now behind closed doors), they could completely block access to whatever they want. Remember, Comcast blocked peer to peer sharing programs at one point…slowing things down would probably be just the first step.
    I really don’t want to be talking about how great the internet USED to be in 5 years, but if something isn’t done, that will be the case. The internet is really the last uncensored medium we have, and I’d like to keep it that way.

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