Tromemoir goes on Tour!

Tromemoir is going on tour!

After one too many times of taking too long to prepare the fake blood, not cleaning the toilets fast enough, sneaking a broom when we had been instructed to clean the floor with our very own toothbrushes, we’ve been banished and sent from the house for two weeks.

Conveniently, this cruel excommunication coincides with our TROMEMOIR MIDDLE EAST TOUR!

Were off on a late summer toxic travel adventure to the Arabian Peninsula! Follow us and Toxie here. As long as we can get internet, we’ll keep you posted of all things Troma, Lloyd Kaufman and Toxie related, and fill you in on what’s going down on the Arabian Peninsula.

As always, you can reach us at, if you have any specific cares interests, causes or just want a postcard, or to tell us you miss us. (And p.s. forgive the typos, we’ll be writing from any miscelaneous phone, internet cafe and homemade communication device we can get access to, but it won’t be easy)

Like any Kaufman Family Trip, it wouldn’t be a true family vacation without Toxie, so we’re pretty sure he’ll be making an appearance along the way.

Toxic Love, LLOYD’S KIDS


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