Stars, they’re just like us: Lloyd Kaufman Shovels Snow (so he doesn’t get sued)

The holidays are a time for family vacations.  In a typical year, the hybrid half Jewish half Christian family we are, we dedicate December to  lighting candles and decorating trees and then on the 26th we’re off somewhere on a FAMILY VACATION. Past destinations have included the jungles of Cameroon, Syria, Moroccan Deserts, Yemen, Ancient ruins in Jordan, New Years in Beiruit.  But this year, ladies and gentlemen,we are trying something truly exotic:  we are testing out what it is to be a tourist in NYC.

Day 1:  Today we saw two Broadway shows,  (La Bete and The Lion King) At the Lion King, the gentleman sitting next to dad asked him if he was “one of the actors from Sex and the City,” to which dad immediately said “well, no, but I could see why you might easily mistake me for Sarah Jessica Parker.”

We emerged from the theater into an oblivion of a blizzard.   We headed home through the blizzard, where we each picked up a shovel and wrapped up the day in front of our brownstone enjoying the delightful activity of shoveling snow.   Ah yes, dear reader, the pure joy of shoveling snow as a family, all of us, including my 65 year old film maker dad, hunched over in the midst of a grueling blizzard,  all of us together shoveling the snow in front of our brownstone so that no real tourists who walk by our house would slip in the snow and sue us.

oobleck in our garden


2 thoughts on “Stars, they’re just like us: Lloyd Kaufman Shovels Snow (so he doesn’t get sued)

  1. Here on Long Island we got slammed pretty good – and I just (6:30am) dug
    out the porch/walk/driveway. Fortunately, the boss texted everybody
    late last night to say “stay home tomorrow”. Be careful, happy holidays,
    and enjoy your staycation in Snowmaville..(!) – Dave

  2. Lloyd’s physique is why he gets mistaken for a SEX AND THE CITY cast member. Shoveling snow keeps it that way. He doesn’t fear lawsuits as much as the loss of muscle mass. And this fear sends Lloyd into hyperdrive, which is why Troma marches on to this day.

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