Staycation Day Two – shoveling more s—

David F writes us from Long Island –

“Here on Long Island we got slammed pretty good – and I just (6:30am) dug out the porch/walk/driveway. Fortunately, the boss texted everybody late last night to say “stay home tomorrow”. Be careful, happy holidays, and enjoy your staycation in Snowmaville..(!) – Dave”

Well Dave, we wish you had told us sooner, becuase we would have sent our Dad out there to shovel your snow.



3 thoughts on “Staycation Day Two – shoveling more s—

  1. Lol! Nah, that wouldn’t work out. If your dad came
    over I’d just beg him to do live commentaries on all
    my Troma dvds, while we split a pizza.
    Make some cocoa for your dad, and take care guys!

  2. my family lives in long island, smithfeild and they got what you got thats funny, small world. we got snow in virginia beach and its pretty nice but was alot snow for us. Also Gwar is stuck in new york and couldnt put on there show bec of the snow.

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