Ninja Zombies Screening!

You may recall back in August when we caught up with Yalie filmmaker Noah Cooper, up and coming director of Ninja Zombies (2010) on the scene at Troma studios.   Well we have exciting news, we’ve just been invited to see a screening!

The Mark Twain House & Museum reanimates a lifeless Saturday night in Hartford with an evening of undead laughs and ninja action. Connecticut filmmakers have asked MTH&M to unearth a rough cut screening of their new “bromaction-comedy” NINJA ZOMBIES. This work-in-progress charts the adventures of a group of nerds who must do battle with beer-soaked buddies and blood-spattered ninja zombies. Sequences of the film were shot at …the legendary Troma Studios in New York!


One thought on “Ninja Zombies Screening!

  1. I think Lloyd should of been in the trailer longer than a second. Looks like a fun film overall, can’t wait to see it.

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