Tromemoir artist Tukel hit it big at SUNDANCE!

Check it out! The above masterpiece by Onur Tukel is featured in the Sundance hit SEPTIEN, staring Tukel who as you may recall happens to be our fave Tromemoir Artist, and winner of the Tromemoir THREE SIBLING SELECTION for this awesome illustration:

When we checked in recently with Onur, he had some exciting news to share with us.    He is co-starring in the independent feature film SEPTIEN, Which premiered at Sundance in January.

Check out the Sundance website which features SEPTIEN, the 79 minutes, 16mm film written and directed by Michael Tully and story by Michael Tully, Robert Longstreet and Onur Tukel.

Eighteen years after disappearing without a trace, Cornelius Rawlings
(Michael Tully) returns to his family’s farm. While his parents are
long deceased, Cornelius’s brothers continue to live in isolation on
this forgotten piece of land. Ezra (Robert Longstreet) is a freak for
two things: cleanliness and Jesus. Amos (Onur Tukel) is a self-taught
artist who fetishizes sports and Satan. Although back home, Cornelius
is still distant. In between challenging strangers to one-on-one
games, he huffs and drinks the days away. The family’s high-school
sports demons show up one day in the guise of a plumber and a pretty
girl. Only a mysterious drifter can redeem their souls on 4th and
Triple-threat actor/writer/director (and disturbingly gifted athlete)
Michael Tully creates a backwoods world that’s only a few trees away
from our own, complete with characters on the edge of sanity that we
can actually relate to. A hero tale gone wrong, Septien is funny when
it’s inappropriate to laugh, and realistic when it should be
psychotic. Goooaaaaaaaaal!

Congrats Onur on such a huge success!


2 thoughts on “Tromemoir artist Tukel hit it big at SUNDANCE!

  1. I read the beginning of the film opens with graphic cartoon images that are disturbing and interesting. Would like to see that.

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