We spent the afternoon with MIKE GINGOLD, Managing Editor of Fangoria Magazine and longtime TROMA EXPERT (More to come on our cerebral Troma discussion with Mike soon) and we are psyched that he is going to be a TROMADANCE 2011 Panelist to share his expertise on Selling Your Movie in the Age of Digital Revolution!

Gingold is teaming up with Academy Award nominated animator Bill Plympton, John Goras (Chirpy), legendary Queen of Independent Cinema Debbie Rochon , and New York State Film Commissioner Pat Kaufman (Otherwise known as OUR MOM!) on this awesome Tromadance panel moderated by none other than Lloyd Kaufman, (who also plays a dual role as OUR DAD!)

Now that the digital revolution has allowed all of us to make our own damn movies, how do we live off them in a media world controlled by giant conglomerates?

Find out at TROMADANCE 2011!

The 12th Annual Tromadance Film Festival ( Bringing the best in independent cinema to New Jersey. April 22-23


3 thoughts on “TROMADANCE 2011!!

  1. Man I wish I could be at Tromadance. Instead, I’ll have to tell my wife to visit a friend and I’ll have to bribe my 2 and 5 year old daughters with endless candy and watch Troma films that entire weekend with me in honor of Tromadance. I’m hoping they’ll like Toxie more than Wow Wow Wubbzy.

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