Toxie in Yemen

Tensions are growing in Yemen – If you’ve been keeping up with the headlines, the country is verging on Revolution.  So what is the problem? In some ways, it boils down to a huge population of young people who feel like they have no opportunities, and so they are standing up to the government, run by a man named Saleh.

Can’t we all relate? You, dear readers, like us, and like Toxie, are likely young, and excited for life, we all want opportunities, you want jobs, you want to work, to live cool lives.

Meanwhile, back here in the US, all the newspapers ever seem to say about Yemen is that it is a playground for Al Qaeda.  But Toxie didn’t buy this.  He had a feeling there was more to Yemen, that it was one of the oldest most historic places in the middle east, if not the world, and he wanted to see for himself what the place was really like.

So Toxie went to check out Yemen.  He got his passport, got his visa (no easy feat for an American) and made a trip to see for himself.

Check out below, Toxie’s photo documentary and videos from his recent trip to Yemen.   Friendly people, awesome food, cool buildings, emerging artists.  TOXIE LOVED IT! and wants to share with you another side of Yemen, and beleive us, it has nothing to do with anything toxic or terrorists.

Toxie talks with Yemenis in the main square.

Toxie loved the typical Sana’a Yemen architecture.

Note the strict rules – absolutely No smoking, no guns allowed in restaurants or office buildings.


One thought on “Toxie in Yemen

  1. Very nice! I’d have to say Toxie and the Yemini with the suit coat, button down shirt and under shirt….a couple of wild and crazy guys!!!

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