Toxic Artist Update: Tommy Lombardozzi

We checked back in with Tromemoir artist TOMMY LOMBARDOZZI one year after his terrific illustration Switched At Birth won the Tromemoir Three Sisters Selection Award.  Switched At Birth (below) illustrates a defining moment for our dad, when once a beautiful blonde baby in swaddling clothes, he was kidnapped, and replaced with the dark haired, big nosed Lloyd Kaufman we know today.
We are not at all surprised to find that Brooklyn, NY based artist Lombardozzi is busy in his studio creating fabulous art.  WE INSIST you check out his latest work at

Absolutely worth taking a couple minutes to scan through his illustrations which range from darkly whimsical depictions of some very familiar superhero characters, to the deeper super creative images.  (Our absolute favorite continues to be Lombardozzi’s illustration of our dad, baby Lloyd Kaufman, being switched at birth, and yeah, it’s personal.)


2 thoughts on “Toxic Artist Update: Tommy Lombardozzi

  1. Great stuff… Tommy is a great artist, a great friend, and a avid contributor to my website!!! The kid makes some great art… get in there and buy some shit people!

  2. Drinking my morning gallon of coffee and flipping through his portfolio instead of reading the paper online was a nice way to start my day. I’d have to say the “Ailyn’s Crazy Monkey” was triggering good flashbacks. I need a poster size for my kids rooms.

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