We recently found out ourselves, thanks to the investigative journalism of Fangoria Magazine Managing Editor Mike Gingold, that Troma’s Cult Classic The Toxic Avenger  originally had A DIFFERENT TITLE!

We asked you, dear readers, did you know which name Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz initially chose which the title The Toxic Avenger  later replaced?? 

Here’s to you Bill Van Orden, David F and of course Keith Makenas the FIRST THREE to beat the others to it with the correct answer… HEALTH CLUB HORROR

1.  Bill Van Orden

Oh… I KNOW the answer… but should I ruin the game for everyone? —- Yes, I SHALL…… ‘THE TOXIC AVENGER” really didn’t have a title until pretty much THE END OF THE FILM… but originally, “HEALTH CLUB HORROR” was the working title, ’til Lloyd saw the toxic green light.

2.  David F.

‘Health Club Horror!’ (okay, I added the exclamation point out of excitement..)

3.  Keith Makenas

Hi!  Was the original title “Health Club Horror”?  I didn’t want to post it on your site because I definitely cheated and had look it up so I couldn’t brag about knowing it. 

Hope everything is going well for you guys!  take care

And Finally, in conclusion, we checked in with old pops, LLOYD KAUFMAN.  He confirmed Health Club Horror, and shed some light on the inspiration for… THE TOXIC AVENGER:

“The original title was Health Club Horror but then God told me to climb the Tromaville Mountain,which I did…

And lo upon that Tromaville Mountain she gave me two tablets, (which I took for my headache.)  Having a clear head it dawned on me that Toxie was a star and that the film should be named for him. Also she threatened to perform a ‘full head crush’ on me if I did not call the film THE TOXIC AVENGER.”


2 thoughts on “TOXIC TRIVIA

  1. As a die-hard Tromaphile, the answer came easily. I got to meet and speak with Lloyd for the 2nd time last weekend at Chiller, and it is always a thrill, a pleasure, and an honor. Thank you!

  2. Health Club Horror is a good name, but The Toxic Avenger is a million times better. Plus, the sequels were more appealing to go root for Toxie versus seeing Health Club Horror Part II, III, etc. I’m going to be climbing the Tromaville Mountain on a regular basis for advice, even though I’m risking a full head crush….which head by the way? Doesn’t matter, both are not good.

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