Do your parents act like Vampires?

I’m en route back from a biz trip to LA, about to board the delightful red eye home to the big apple. The flight is already delayed, I”ve been up since 5am.  A route and a run around my old Pops knows well.

I’m shoulder in line waiting to board the plane, blending in with my colleagues in my suit, and not the kind of grey cotton jogging sweat-suit my dad wears, mind you, a normal blue work suit like everyone else in the corporate world wears.  All of us standing in line, in our suits, checking our blackberries, looking at words and numbers, numbers, and words, I look just like everyone else, scanning through my emails until this one from DUD comes through and I open a very serious looking attachment…

I don’t think anyone else is receiving photos from their dad of himself dressed up like this.   Yes, dear readers, this is the type of photo and email I receive on a regular basis.  from my kind loving dad.

What is that??  I write back stepping onto the plane, Its a picture of your distant Cousin Alfred. Dad writes me back immediately.   But I still am perplexed.  But my flight is boarding now and all electronics must  be turned off.

I leave it to you, dear fans to tell me, do you know my distant cousin Alfred?




3 thoughts on “Do your parents act like Vampires?

  1. What a great father! I hope you don’t mind, I’m taking notes on things like this so I can do similar things to my daughters when they get a little older. I can see their reactions now.

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