More Wisdom from Professor SL Kaufman


Lloyd Kaufman Oxford Master Class MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN MOVIE.

I’m at the master class, and it’s a great success. Troma fits right in at Oxford, among the classical literary greats of history. Dad does needs a little help with some translating the English in the Q&A into American.

Great Format: Dad will introduce a subject and lecture a lesson, for example: brainstorm the script with a group of writers. Then he will show a clip of a well known filmmaker who has made his way through Troma to Hollywood : James Gun screenwriter dawn of the dead, Scooby Doo and wife Jenna Fischer The Secretary from the show The office, or Eli Roth, or Stan Lee creator of Spider Man. Next he will show a hilarious clip of Troma behind the scenes: how Troma team brainstorms the script, cut with clips of the film that was produced in the end. Very funny and informative

Movie tip: Low budget luxury of non union films is you can shoot in sequence. Unions have such strict rules about hours while stars so highly paid that big budget films have to consolidate and shoot scenes out of order. Meanwhile non union Troma shoots in order of timeline of movie so has flexibility to make changes to plot, character development.



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