The ROCKY SAGA – Dad and the lesson of the Underdog

The story of Rocky has a special meaning to Troma, fans know that Dad worked on and had a bit part in a couple of the Rocky films alongside Sly Stallone.

Whether it’s in a fictional boxing ring, or behind a low-budget camera Sly, Dad and Director John Avildsen would agree that you have to fight for what you believe in.

Check out this preview for the upcoming TV retrospective : The Rocky Saga: Going the Distance, and low and behold, who is prominently featured, but our very own pops, right up there with Stallone.

Lesson of the day:  It’s the underdog believing in what he is doing who is going to be successful.  Take it from Dad, Sly and Rocky!

Special thanks to Ron Mackay for sending this clip our way!  



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