Joy Face our Pet Rat

We had a PET RAT. The easter bunny brought him to us in our basket one Easter morning. It was the first love, the most important pet of our life. We might even venture to say the love of our life. His name was Joy Face.

Joy Face was the cutest little rat rodent you ever saw – when he was delivered  by mom and dad, er we mean the Easter Bunny, on that glorious Easter Morn.

He came everywhere with us.  You could pet him, you could pick him up by the fur on the back of his neck and carry him around on your shoulder, you could even put him in a doll stroller and wheel him around.   He was a big hit.  a BIG hit.  he kept growing.  He was HUGE.  and his tail just kept growing too, it was long and pink, and just beautiful.  Im our eyes, he was the most beautiful Rat that ever collapsed his or her skeletons to squeeze under a doorframe, behind a radiator or under a

bookshelf on this earth.

Joy Face came everywhere with us.  But he couldn’t travel.  So when May came one summer, and we all went to France for the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL we had to leave dear beloved Joy Face at home.  A Troma Team employee would come every day and feed him, dad promised.  I had no choice! shockingly Air France would not have him o the plane.   I said a tearful goodbye, promised to bring him lots of gifts, tales and smelly french Fromage from the Croisette and off we went to Cannes.

The day we returned, I was so excited.  I ran off the plane, leapt out of the cab, and made my way as quickly as I could upstairs to my love, Joy Face.  Mom opened the door to the apartment, and I rushed past her to his cage.

My beloved Joy Face was face down in the corner, his arms and legs stretched out in front and behind him as if he had been calling to someone, to me! all the way in france but for food? for water? My poor beloved Joy Face, his tiny feet with their little perfect toenails were now terribly bloated.  JOY FACE WAS DEAD.

We put Joy Face in a Shoebox and transported him to Connecticut the next weekend, where we had a grave and formal burial service.  I made a cross out of two Troma Rulers to mark the spot.  We said some prayers.  Joy Face will always be with us.


I was reviewing a classic Lloyd Kaufman documentary Squirrel Gets Eaten by Maggots and it brought to mind the dangers of rat poison, and reminded me of the beloved JOY FACE.