May 25th 2010 Tromemoir Competition Winners Press Release

Tromemoir winners press release


A Toxic Avenger Remake?  What do the Troma Fans Say?

PHOTOS!!! See below a random mix of celebs, they’re just like us, they LOVE TROMA! More to come, this is  a work in progress!

8 thoughts on “PHOTOS and PRESS!

  1. I understand the idea and all, but I know I am sick of Hollywood remakes. For Toxie to go Hollywood without Lloyd distributing and producing/directing/writing would be a steak in the heart of Troma and truly independent cinema!

  2. I say good for Lloyd. Why?

    1. He gets another entity to revisit a classic from the Troma catalogue. When this is remade, there will undoubtedly be way more press than any standard Troma release- and remember, in every article, you will see “Originally released by Troma Films.” Free press, new exposure to the masses, both good things.

    2. He got paid for this. Funding for yet another film!

    Remember, the “Toxic Crusaders” cartoon wasn’t gory/raunchy in the slightest.

  3. I say any press is good press. In a way, it’s a honor to be considered for a reboot. That means you have an audience already familiar with your world. That means you’ve done something right.

  4. I say go for it. At first I was like, “no! This can’t be!”…but…Lloyd has a say in it. It’s not like Troma isn’t getting money from this. Times are rough, if Lloyd can get a big fat check for a Toxie remake so it can give us, the Troma fans, more films by Lloyd and Co.?…then so be it. Hell, it’ll probably more like a live action Toxic Crusaders anyways…which is cool in my book.

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  6. The remake will ensure true Troma for years to come. I understand, and therefore support the decision. I love you Lloyd, and I love Troma.

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