TURNING THE TABLES ON DAD or, directorial debut bossing around Lloyd Kaufman!


We turned the tables on old POPS! for the first time in the history of celluloid, WE directed and filmed DAD, LLOYD KAUFMAN in the new web series ‘RARE BIRDS of FASHION!’

Lloyd Kaufman in RARE BIRDS of FASHION

“Rare Birds of Fashion” is a new comedy web series written and directed by Lily Hayes Kaufman, about BRENDA (Jackie Zebrowski) and ALIX (Haley Rawson) two ambitious entrepreneurs who launch a plus size fashion line.  Meet Brenda:  http://goo.gl/pzSoH9
Jackie Zebrowski, Haley Rawson, Stephanie Gibson, Christopher Chwee, Anne Gottlieb, Nancy Opel, Zoë Geltman
Written & Directed by Lily Hayes Kaufman
Cinematography: Charlotte Kaufman
Created by Lily Hayes Kaufman, Jackie Schwartz
Produced by Patricia S. Kaufman

This is a true family production.  Directed by one of us daughters Lily Hayes, and filmed by another one of us daughters Charlotte with a third one of us daughters Lisbeth on the still camera and the fourth one of us daughters (ahem, the beautiful WIFE! and Mother of the three daughters, Pat) Producing the whole shebang!)

so check out ‘RARE BIRDS of FASHION’