Tromart from the Heart – how to submit your 1 minute video

Steven Haar our favorite Aussie writes in from the down under:

Hey there, this is Steven Haar, I just read on Uncle Lloyds facebook page (the link is provded below) that he wants to do a movie and he wants people to film themselves for 1 minute saying how much Lloyd Kaufman/Troma ment to them, and they could make it in the movie.

I would very much love to be involved, but I don’t have a video camera or access to one, or any other filming equipment other than a little camera (Web Cam) on my laptop, am I able to film with that and e-mail it? I don’t have Quiktime, or any other movie editing making thing on my laptop other than the camera, would it make a difference?  Would a Web Cam be acceptable in sending in clips for potential entry in the Movie?