Inspired by GEOFF TARULLI’s kickstarter success raising over $6000 from 83 backers for his film MOVIES OF THE FUTURE WITH LLOYD KAUFMAN, The talented mr. Mitch Dolan (whose artwork, dear fans, you may recall from the TROMEMOIR COMPETITION) write us:

Mitch Dolan July 19 at 6:48pm

It would mean alot to me if you could help promote my fundraiser for my upcoming splatter exploitation movie. here is the link to post on some sites and even if troma wanted to help out that would be amazing!


thank you for your time!

Dear Mitch,

Hey that’s cool that you are using Kickstarter. Pretty neat resource to gather small payments from a lot of people in order to make a collective big impact to fund a project.
After checking out your LUNATIC LARRY Kickstarter page, one thought: make the most of Kickstarter!  It’s a great advertising as well as fund raising resource, but you have to max it out! Get your parents, siblings, close friends, the nerdy girl next door who has a crush on your third grade math teacher who everyone you can to contribute, so it looks like your film is popular and people dig you.  If you only have one backer on there other people may be reluctant to join in thinking, well, if only one person is willing to pledge, I don’t know if I am confident putting down my own hard earned $$.

First step: It may sound crazy, but for buzz and marketing purposes, can you decrease the minimum pledge amount to like $1? Who can say no to pledging a buck?

Second Step: Get a bunch of people, just to support LUNATIC LARRY, in numbers, albeit at only $1.

Third Step:  with all this support comes bragging rights about how many backers you have, regardless of the fact that they each only ledged $1.  The point is, if 40 people pledged, you can brag that 40 people have confidence in your film.  If I heard that I’d be more willing to pledge $5 or even $10, who knows, MAYBE $100 dollars!  Wowee, lookout James Cameron, Mitch Dolan is moving into the Big Budget Blockbuster Space.

Anyways, people are like lemmings.  They move in packs and masses.  So it may be easier to get the bigger backers who will make the larger contributions when you have smaller supporters in big numbers.   NOW GO OUT THERE AND RAISE SOME MONEY FOR YOUR FILM!

ok now, you probably didn’t even want our advice. If you still want us to put you on Tromemoir after such a pushy bossy unsolicited kickstarter rant let us know!

-Lloyd’s Kids (who don’t know a thing, so don’t listen to any advice we ever gave anyone)

Update:  in response to the above, ROBERT writes in his two cents on the $$ raising debate:

Robert // July 21, 2010 at 3:32 pm | Reply (edit)

All of the above is 100% true. $1 donations are a great tool to use. You can donate a buck to yourself 5 times under various names, get everyone in your neighborhood to pledge, and meanwhile, all the people see is everyone seemingly flocking to your project. I remember seeing ads in newspapers asking for one dollar for [insert fake tragedy here]. It seems like nothing, until you get thousands saying “Hey, its only a buck.” Lemmings, indeed. People want to do what they think everyone else is doing, for fear that they are being left behind, and/or arent cool.