The Mysterious Michael Herz

We get many questions about the illusive Michael Herz, dads Partner, and co-founder of Troma Studios.  Is he real? you want to know, Why don’t we ever see him? Is MH a Hollogram? Does MH work at Troma? We’ve heard MH even more handsome than Lloyd, is it true?

Frank Huckingbush writes:

Hey there Mr Kaufman, I just wanna know, what ever happened to your Co-Director Michael Herz, how come he doesn’t Direct Movies any more?

Frank, yes, Michael Herz in fact he is REAL.  He is also VERY very very handsome.   While I am the Artiste Michael is also the brains behind the business.  He has both a degree from Yale University,  also went to NYU Law school.  But you see, dear fans, Michael is quite a BIGshot, when he isn’t in the office, he spends his time rubbing elbows with other stars like his longtime childhood friend DAVID LETTERMAN (see photo below)

Michael Herz and David Letterman