THANK YOU FANS for the terrific Troma titles you have conjured up so far.  We will continue accepting Art and Title submissions until April 13th.  So KEEP ‘EM COMING!

In the mean time, some of these titles are too good to keep to ourselves, we had to share them with you.  Here are some of our top picks so far, now we’re turning it over to you, which ones do you love? Tell your friends and cast your VOTE!

1. Toxiecology:  Or “Up To The Waist in Waste!”

– John Dimes, Chesapeake Beach, MD

2. Fake Blood Soup For The Soul


3. Once Upon a Time in Tromaville

-Bryan Land

4. Tromancing the Stone: How Lloyd got the girl, the guts and the glory

-Dan McDowell ,United Kingdom

5. Abnormal Growth –From Here to Tromaturity

-Bill Van Orden

Lloyd Kaufman’s three daughters to write Tromemoir of their Tromatic childhood growing up Toxic.

Help Write Troma History, and win $500 and Dinner with Lloyd and his three daughters!

Prizes include:

  • $500
  • Dinner with Lloyd and his daughters
  • Selected art and title will be published in the book
  • Hand of Lloyd’s youngest, and most beautiful, daughter

Send your  Book Title and Illustration submissions INCLUDING CONTACT INFORMATION, AGE and NAME by APRIL 13th 2010 to:


Submit your illustrations and artistic interpretation of the any or all of the following six scenes:

1.       Beautiful blond blue-eyed Lloyd as a baby kidnapped by zombies, and replaced with ugly big nosed bearded baby of the Lloyd we know today.

2.       Lloyd rejects Hollywood and founds Independent Film Studio Troma, the Birth of The Toxic Avenger

3.       Lloyd falls in love with and marries beautiful southern belle

4.       Troma vs. Hollywood Evil Satan Worshipping Conglomerate

5.       Lloyd’s Three Daughters write Tromemoir NYT Best Seller

6.        Lloyd Wins Oscars, Thanks to Fans