Terry the Troma Teratoma

We first learned about teratomas in a big medical textbook, but it wasn’t until we saw one in person on a lovely family trip to see the the BODIES exhibit here in NY (side note in case you missed it, the BODIES exhibit was a traveling educational exhibit showing real-life-dead bodies sliced so you can see the layers of fat, eyeballs, bones etc. The bodies were rumored to have been bought by the “Artist”  on the Chinese blackmarket) when we understood just how real the teeth and hair in these little monsters
are. They literally develop full molars!

So we got to thinking. Maybe it doesn’t end there. Teeth, here, molars there,  an arm and a leg… and what do we have?? Could you develop a whole being? Immaculate conception part deux?? And Troma style?

But it doesn’t stop there.  Keith Makenas write in to tell us a little more about just how useful these little Teratomas can turn out to be if fully developed, Here’s What Keith Had to report:

My day with Terry the Teratoma.

Upon waking up I’d have my Terry start up my shower to get the water hot and then turn on the coffee maker.  In the shower Terry can use its tiny fingers to clean between my toes, get all the lint out of my belly button.  Once my coffe eis  ready I used to prefer low fat milk, but now with Terry around I can get my coffee spiced up with some cysts fluid and the best part is that it’s fat free.

Terry fits perfectly in my briefcase and as long as I have a bag of fruit snacks, it’s very quiet on the bus ride to work.   Terry’s better than a Sham Wow and does a great job absorbing the urine on the bus seat and keeping the peddlers away from me while I read the paper.

At the office Terry with a set of little binoculars is the best at keeping a watch out for my superiors and minimizing any extreme porn that I’m viewing.   Prior to Terry I’d wait in long lines to get lunch, but not anymore.  Terry goes up the line spewing on the people clearing the path for me so I can get my food quicker than ever.  Terry also goes from table to table to find a full salt shaker and ketchup bottle.

On Friday’s Terry will make sure no superiors approach me asking me to work the weekend. Terry will pull fire alarms, set off sprinkler systems, push file cabinets, water coolers, copy machines, whatever it takes to keep them from getting to my desk.


Ninja Zombies Screening!

You may recall back in August when we caught up with Yalie filmmaker Noah Cooper, up and coming director of Ninja Zombies (2010) on the scene at Troma studios.   Well we have exciting news, we’ve just been invited to see a screening!

The Mark Twain House & Museum reanimates a lifeless Saturday night in Hartford with an evening of undead laughs and ninja action. Connecticut filmmakers have asked MTH&M to unearth a rough cut screening of their new “bromaction-comedy” NINJA ZOMBIES. This work-in-progress charts the adventures of a group of nerds who must do battle with beer-soaked buddies and blood-spattered ninja zombies. Sequences of the film were shot at …the legendary Troma Studios in New York!


please tell us, WHAT DO YOU THINK?? is it too much? to gross? too extreme to search for and film a TROMA TERATOMA?   tromemoir@gmail.com

I love the Discovery Channel Show Oddities.   This show has revived my respect for reality TV.  Set close to home in Brooklyn, this show follows bizzaro commerce Co-owners Mike Zohn and Evan Michelson have created in their shop  Obscura Antiques .   “Buyer” Ryan Matthew is always running around to “old friends” who might be able to sell him a shriveled cat mummy, or Grade A monkey skull, for the strangest customers.

So great, you ask, what does this have to do with Troma?  Well, I was having dinner with pops the other night after he finished his PSA for Peta (Don’t even get me started) The commercial featured humans dressed like animals in cages, (so in other words they weren’t clothed) and they were miserable, the point being, don’t put animals in cages, using Troma Shock Style to get the message across.

So over dinner, I asked dad, what’s up next? We got onto subhumanoid props for filming, and since he has his loyal allegiance to Peta, and he will not use any animal parts, but what would be really grotesque, really shocking?  so we got to the subject of TROMA TERATOMAS.

In case you are not familiar with Teratomas, these are benign tumors which can develop TEETH and HAIR and can be safely extracted from the human body! Gross but fascinating, and quite ODD.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teratoma Where oh where would one find a TROMA TERATOMA?? and it hit me  this just might be the type of thing Ryan Matthew could run around to one of his “Old Friends” to find in his fabulous shop of oddities.  Furthermore, they had recently run a “Scary Medical Devices” feature.

please tell us, WHAT DO YOU THINK?? is it too much? to gross? too extreme to search for and film a TROMA TERATOMA?   tromemoir@gmail.com

New short film starring Lloyd by Sister #3 and CALL FOR TROMA TECHNOPHILES


Tromemoir fans, bingo at the senior center didn’t work out as planned this week, so we’re still running on our student budget/monthly allownace –> no fancy expensive website update this week.

WordPress blog has been a great home for us so far so far, but we want to make it more active and engaging for you guys. We’ve  received so many requests to contribute to  the blog and participate live right here.  We want you to be able to post your own artwork and share your own tromemories with one another.   We wish we could provide a forum that would make this possible. If you know a cheap way can you please let us know!?

So we would like to ask you if anyone has recomendations for better layout or ways that we could make our blog easier for you to use, and more importantly easier for you  talk to us and to one another on the blog PLEASE LET US KNOW!  send us a comment here on the blog or email us at tromemoir@gmail.com.

Now, enjoy this This is a fictional vignette sister #3 wrote, filmed produced and directed for a film class, staring our very own pops – your very own LLOYD KAUFMAN. Any similarities with reality are merely coincidental… she dramatized real people and a real setting to portray a more pessimistic version of reality. she does not wish to discourage anyone from the horror film- making career! lets make some art!



your troma sisters