You asked for it you got it!  The Troma Channel is here!

The Troma Team and our pops, (we can personally confirm this) have worked hard, long hours, weekends, trips to the Comcast sky scraper, long meetings in the fancy schmancy board rooms, all for you, dear fans, to provide you with a TROMA CHANNEL on COMCAST!  And best of all… IT’s FREE!

Here is the map of where you can find channel, so check it out and WATCH your toxic hearts out!


Toxic Artist Update: Tommy Lombardozzi

We checked back in with Tromemoir artist TOMMY LOMBARDOZZI one year after his terrific illustration Switched At Birth won the Tromemoir Three Sisters Selection Award.  Switched At Birth (below) illustrates a defining moment for our dad, when once a beautiful blonde baby in swaddling clothes, he was kidnapped, and replaced with the dark haired, big nosed Lloyd Kaufman we know today.
We are not at all surprised to find that Brooklyn, NY based artist Lombardozzi is busy in his studio creating fabulous art.  WE INSIST you check out his latest work at

Absolutely worth taking a couple minutes to scan through his illustrations which range from darkly whimsical depictions of some very familiar superhero characters, to the deeper super creative images.  (Our absolute favorite continues to be Lombardozzi’s illustration of our dad, baby Lloyd Kaufman, being switched at birth, and yeah, it’s personal.)


We recently found out ourselves, thanks to the investigative journalism of Fangoria Magazine Managing Editor Mike Gingold, that Troma’s Cult Classic The Toxic Avenger  originally had A DIFFERENT TITLE!

We asked you, dear readers, did you know which name Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz initially chose which the title The Toxic Avenger  later replaced?? 

Here’s to you Bill Van Orden, David F and of course Keith Makenas the FIRST THREE to beat the others to it with the correct answer… HEALTH CLUB HORROR

1.  Bill Van Orden

Oh… I KNOW the answer… but should I ruin the game for everyone? —- Yes, I SHALL…… ‘THE TOXIC AVENGER” really didn’t have a title until pretty much THE END OF THE FILM… but originally, “HEALTH CLUB HORROR” was the working title, ’til Lloyd saw the toxic green light.

2.  David F.

‘Health Club Horror!’ (okay, I added the exclamation point out of excitement..)

3.  Keith Makenas

Hi!  Was the original title “Health Club Horror”?  I didn’t want to post it on your site because I definitely cheated and had look it up so I couldn’t brag about knowing it. 

Hope everything is going well for you guys!  take care

And Finally, in conclusion, we checked in with old pops, LLOYD KAUFMAN.  He confirmed Health Club Horror, and shed some light on the inspiration for… THE TOXIC AVENGER:

“The original title was Health Club Horror but then God told me to climb the Tromaville Mountain,which I did…

And lo upon that Tromaville Mountain she gave me two tablets, (which I took for my headache.)  Having a clear head it dawned on me that Toxie was a star and that the film should be named for him. Also she threatened to perform a ‘full head crush’ on me if I did not call the film THE TOXIC AVENGER.”