We recently found out ourselves, thanks to the investigative journalism of Fangoria Magazine Managing Editor Mike Gingold, that Troma’s Cult Classic The Toxic Avenger  originally had A DIFFERENT TITLE!

We asked you, dear readers, did you know which name Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz initially chose which the title The Toxic Avenger  later replaced?? 

Here’s to you Bill Van Orden, David F and of course Keith Makenas the FIRST THREE to beat the others to it with the correct answer… HEALTH CLUB HORROR

1.  Bill Van Orden

Oh… I KNOW the answer… but should I ruin the game for everyone? —- Yes, I SHALL…… ‘THE TOXIC AVENGER” really didn’t have a title until pretty much THE END OF THE FILM… but originally, “HEALTH CLUB HORROR” was the working title, ’til Lloyd saw the toxic green light.

2.  David F.

‘Health Club Horror!’ (okay, I added the exclamation point out of excitement..)

3.  Keith Makenas

Hi!  Was the original title “Health Club Horror”?  I didn’t want to post it on your site because I definitely cheated and had look it up so I couldn’t brag about knowing it. 

Hope everything is going well for you guys!  take care

And Finally, in conclusion, we checked in with old pops, LLOYD KAUFMAN.  He confirmed Health Club Horror, and shed some light on the inspiration for… THE TOXIC AVENGER:

“The original title was Health Club Horror but then God told me to climb the Tromaville Mountain,which I did…

And lo upon that Tromaville Mountain she gave me two tablets, (which I took for my headache.)  Having a clear head it dawned on me that Toxie was a star and that the film should be named for him. Also she threatened to perform a ‘full head crush’ on me if I did not call the film THE TOXIC AVENGER.”



A recent New York Times cover story reported Verizon and Google are nearing a deal which could threaten Net Neutrality and impede freedom of the internet as we know it.

Dad is always ranting about net neutrality, and he has been for a couple years.  You’ve probably seen his Net Neutrality PSA (click here) But WHAT IS NET NEUTRALITY?? We realized we don’t really understand.  So we cornered dad at his office and asked him to break down what Net Neutrality means, and why it is so important to you, me and anyone who uses the internet.

Michael Herz joined the discussion and added the important point that Net Neutrality levels the playing field beyond access alone, also guaranteeing the speed at which websites operate.  Without Net Neutrality some websites will run faster and with higher quality than others.

The Mysterious Michael Herz

We get many questions about the illusive Michael Herz, dads Partner, and co-founder of Troma Studios.  Is he real? you want to know, Why don’t we ever see him? Is MH a Hollogram? Does MH work at Troma? We’ve heard MH even more handsome than Lloyd, is it true?

Frank Huckingbush writes:

Hey there Mr Kaufman, I just wanna know, what ever happened to your Co-Director Michael Herz, how come he doesn’t Direct Movies any more?

Frank, yes, Michael Herz in fact he is REAL.  He is also VERY very very handsome.   While I am the Artiste Michael is also the brains behind the business.  He has both a degree from Yale University,  also went to NYU Law school.  But you see, dear fans, Michael is quite a BIGshot, when he isn’t in the office, he spends his time rubbing elbows with other stars like his longtime childhood friend DAVID LETTERMAN (see photo below)

Michael Herz and David Letterman