TWIT IT @tromemoir

We’ve had alot of people asking us if we are on twitter, so due to popular demand, you can now find us on Twitter!  @tromemoir

We’d love to hear from you!   We don’t want you to just follow us, Tweet with us!

Obviously, Pops is a big twitter guy, If you are reading this post, chances are you follow him @lloydkaufman he is constantly on twitter, (as we told you before)  and finally he said “look kids: if you want to get serious, you have to get on Twitter. You aren’t living in the 20th century anymore.  this is 2011, I’ve been on Twitter since 2009!”

And it’s true. Dad is busted tweeting at the dinner table every five minutes, on family vacations, he can be found 24/7 furiously tweeting away away on his bberry.  And what we’ve noticed, sure he loves to post his rants, and he shares articles he thinks are interesting, (even tweets out posts we write here on the Tromemoir) and of course he promotes his own events and movies.  But the most important thing he uses twitter for is conversations back and forth with fans.

Dad is dedicated to his fans.  He may not have time to meet every single fan, talk on the phone, return a formal three paragraph email, but twitter lets him stay in touch with a huge number of fans throughout the day on a regular basis.

So like father, like daughters, we are going to try tweeting too.  We are going to take a lesson from our old pops, and use twitter to get to know you, dear fans better! so find us @tromemoir and feel free to ask away, tell us something about troma, ask about dad, about growing up toxic.


New short film starring Lloyd by Sister #3 and CALL FOR TROMA TECHNOPHILES


Tromemoir fans, bingo at the senior center didn’t work out as planned this week, so we’re still running on our student budget/monthly allownace –> no fancy expensive website update this week.

WordPress blog has been a great home for us so far so far, but we want to make it more active and engaging for you guys. We’ve  received so many requests to contribute to  the blog and participate live right here.  We want you to be able to post your own artwork and share your own tromemories with one another.   We wish we could provide a forum that would make this possible. If you know a cheap way can you please let us know!?

So we would like to ask you if anyone has recomendations for better layout or ways that we could make our blog easier for you to use, and more importantly easier for you  talk to us and to one another on the blog PLEASE LET US KNOW!  send us a comment here on the blog or email us at

Now, enjoy this This is a fictional vignette sister #3 wrote, filmed produced and directed for a film class, staring our very own pops – your very own LLOYD KAUFMAN. Any similarities with reality are merely coincidental… she dramatized real people and a real setting to portray a more pessimistic version of reality. she does not wish to discourage anyone from the horror film- making career! lets make some art!



your troma sisters


Lloyd Kaufman is currently developing a script far more personal than his film TERROR FIRMER. This new work will include one minute filmed portraits of his fans. Please film yourself expounding on what Troma and/or Lloyd mean to you. Then send it to him for a chance to be a talking head in the upcoming film and/or on the Troma website!

If possible, Troma would prefer high definition, one minute Quicktime movies on data disc, sent to:

Lloyd’s Unnamed Movie
36-40 11th Street
Long Island City, NY 11106

Mini-DVs may also be sent to this address. Alternatively, you may use to email us your film files!

Oh, and by the way, if you’re a Tromette or a Troman, then we want your one minute Tromo Sapien auditions! Send them to the physical and/or email address above!

Much love and gore from Tromaville!

Behind the Tweets: Lloyd Kaufman in Action

Being Lloyd’s Kids, we have had a life of enduring the pleasure of not only being subject to slave labor in sweatshop conditions, working round the clock for free, cleaning toilets, washing our dad’s dirty socks, preparing his vegan peta-approved animal free dishes, arranging his film library alphabetically by third letter, all for room and board while being subjected to his preachings about life liberty the pursuit of independent cinema,  lectures warning us of the evils of men and what any potential future boyfriends might dare to expect, and what we can dare to expect if we don’t study study study and earn money money money.

But we digress.  Meanwhile, thousands of you, dear fans, follow our Pops and his wise words on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace,, in search of the intellect he spews, the wealth of wisdom he so generously shares with the fans he loves.  Many of you still can’t get enough of his free online ranting and raving and pay $ to buy his books such as All I kneed to know I learned from MY KIDS! errr, I mean THE TOXIC AVENGERDirect Your Own Damn Movie! or Make Your Own Damn Movie!

Many of you have asked us, behind the scenes, when the cameras aren’t rolling, what is the man like when he is giving out all this creative advice.  What is he like when he is dreaming up these life lessons?  So here, dear fans, we step into the Troma Office, when the cameras stop rolling, behind the desk, behind the tweets, the real high-tech tweeting Lloyd Kaufman: