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Whew, what a day.  Thanks to the hundreds of fans who tuned in this afternoon and sent in all sorts of questions.   If POPS  didn’t get to your query today we’ll be back tagging along in Tromaville tomorrow 2-5pm EST.  So keep emailing in your questions and stay tuned to the Tromemoir. Believe you me, we’re going to get personal.

To fit in a couple more questions, We caught up with Dad in his “Limo” on the way to THE OTHER GUYS premier in NYC City.  After a full day writing BP PSA parodies, calling for Tromen, Tromettes and Tromosapiens, brainstorming scenes for TOXIE V and dreaming up full head crushing scenes in the Troma office, pops is off to a glamorus night on the town.  It wouldn’t be a typical Troma day if he wasn’t rushing off to a movie premier. We leave you for the evening with this quick clip of what Dad had to say about a recent conversation with Brad Pitt: