Behind the Tweets: Lloyd Kaufman in Action

Being Lloyd’s Kids, we have had a life of enduring the pleasure of not only being subject to slave labor in sweatshop conditions, working round the clock for free, cleaning toilets, washing our dad’s dirty socks, preparing his vegan peta-approved animal free dishes, arranging his film library alphabetically by third letter, all for room and board while being subjected to his preachings about life liberty the pursuit of independent cinema,  lectures warning us of the evils of men and what any potential future boyfriends might dare to expect, and what we can dare to expect if we don’t study study study and earn money money money.

But we digress.  Meanwhile, thousands of you, dear fans, follow our Pops and his wise words on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace,, in search of the intellect he spews, the wealth of wisdom he so generously shares with the fans he loves.  Many of you still can’t get enough of his free online ranting and raving and pay $ to buy his books such as All I kneed to know I learned from MY KIDS! errr, I mean THE TOXIC AVENGERDirect Your Own Damn Movie! or Make Your Own Damn Movie!

Many of you have asked us, behind the scenes, when the cameras aren’t rolling, what is the man like when he is giving out all this creative advice.  What is he like when he is dreaming up these life lessons?  So here, dear fans, we step into the Troma Office, when the cameras stop rolling, behind the desk, behind the tweets, the real high-tech tweeting Lloyd Kaufman:



FROM TROMAVILLE, after a lovely Lunch by the Tromaville Power Plant, we catch up with Dad, again, hard at work, and interrupt him to ask a few key questions sent in to us from you, dear fans:

First up, Dad takes a moment from some creative discovery to answer a question from Dan Semel: