David Graham is Still Toxic

We wanted to update you on the Siblings Selection Winner DAVID GRAHAM.  You won’t be surprised to learn that one year later his artistic talent continues to flourish.

Graham is best known for his Celebrity Collection, a series of paintings of dead celebrities, as clever and offensive as they are gruesome.  Check them out www.thedavidgrahamcollection.com

We’re also excited to report that after winning the Three Siblings Selection, Graham is honoring Troma yet again working on a new project inspired by Surf Nazis Must Die.  Graham writes us about his project in his own words:

“I am painting a 4 part series based on the Troma movie “Surf Nazis Must Die”.  It combines classic beach party stars with the awesome movie.” 

We are very curious to see the new project when Graham completes it!



Charging Tromaville for an AUTOgraph

Auto Expert RICH PALMIERI writes:

Lloyd:  I live in Virginia Beach.  If I drive my car, a 1966 dodge Charger up to New York, will you autograph it for me?

Rich, Lloyds’ Kids here, also check out this video where dad gives our beautiful Southern Belle Mom a restored souped up 1969 Ford MUSTANG!