Freaky Friday: Ghost Rider 2 and Fathers Day Premier

Thank god I had just bought a new pair of leather leggings, because what else do you wear to a GHOST RIDER 2: Spirit of Vengeance Party?


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We had been instructed by our role model and GHOST RIDER 2 director Mark Neveldine to wear our Sunday best – Black, Leather, and or something Ghost Rider theme to the big bash FANGORIA mag was hosting at TIMES SCARE.

I thought dad and us kids should ride in on a motorcycle, with our head on fire, but then again, Nicholas Cage was going to be there, and we didn’t want to upstage the big star.  This was his moment in the spot light, Dad’s was up next, just a few hours later, when we would head to…

The New York Premier of FATHERS DAY at the Sunshine Landmark Theater.    From GR2 we all headed down to Houston st. for some more father-daughter bonding over the midnight showing of FATHERS DAY.

Dad and Mark introduced FATHERS DAY, written and directed by Astron-6  a talented Canadian group making bloody miracles on a super low budget.  There was a pretty sweet cameo by Dad, playing… you gussed it, GOD.  A typical Troma film, it’s a warm and light romantic comedy about fathers, a nice little bonding moving any child should see with his or her father.

No, that’s not how it went at all… A deranged killer and rapist is on the loose and has a taste for “Daddy meat.” One man will do any it takes to send the bastard to hell! At no more than two and a half minutes into the film, a man get his PENIS bitten off.

“The latest Troma flick “Father’s Day” is one of the schlock studio’s intentionally bad movies that succeeds a little too well.” 

-Kyle Smith at The New York Post,

Check out his review titled “Your dad will hate it too” here, from The New York Post